Smart Toilets Add Prestige to Your Bathroom

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Ever worried that you don’t have any smart technology at home? Why not start your great frontier in the comfort of your own bathroom? After all, nothing beats the ease and comfort a smart toilet gives while you’re doing your business in your favorite spot of the house. Fortunately, homeowners now have a choice of different types of smart toilets to add to their bathroom’s IQ level.

But first, here are some of the many reasons why smart toilets add prestige to your bathroom. Read on to learn more.

Self-cleaning function

Everyone knows the struggle of deep cleaning a toilet. It’s a dirty job, yet someone’s got to do it. So why not let smart toilet do the job? Smart toilets not only spare you from grabbing those rubber gloves and scrubber, but it also makes sure your bowl is free from any fungus and stains, something that manual cleaning often neglected.

Remote Control Personalization

One of the most prestigious things about smart toilets is its remote control where you can personalize everything from temperature to water level. Adding prestige to it is its music capability via Bluetooth options. Now, who would have thought that an easy to use remote control will be your best friend while you’re in the bathroom?!

Built-in LED lights and Warmer

Cold toilet seats are too unpleasant to sit on. With smart toilets with built-in heater, the once cold seat will now have a warm comfortable feeling. LED lights also make your bathroom lighting more prestige. With LED lights’ modern illumination, you won’t have to worry on straining your eyes or using lots of energy in bathroom nightlight.

Automatic Flush

Automatic flush ensures your hands are germ-free with its hands-off approach.  Members of the household who often forget to flush now have somebody to take of the business for them.

Controlled Water Use

Toilets with sensors help prevent the bowl from overflowing. The moment the sensor detects clogging, it will automatically stop you from flushing, thus, keeping your water usage low and helps save you gallons of water each year.


Japanese Style Toilet

Smart toilets are now making worldwide news in many households around the globe. In Japan alone, over 80% of homeowners use futuristic Japanese style intelligent toilets. Top makers such as Toto, Kohler, and Geberit have high-end options in case you’re hankering for more features from your bathroom toilet.

The good news? Japanese smart toilets are now making its way in North America and it’s becoming one of the top growth markets for smart toilet manufacturers. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Japanese style toilet or washlet for your household, let Terrific Toilets help you. Check out our list of best Japanese toilets.

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Sara Ito

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