Toto’s Plan to Win the U.S.? Quieter Toilets

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Toto Quieter Smart Toilets

Toto, the Japanese luxury toilet manufacturer, believes it has finally cracked the code to winning the U.S. market and increasing its market share against the larger players in American Standard and Kohler – quieter and more efficient toilets, according to a report by Nikkei.

Toto’s washlets already feature many smart features such as auto open / close, heated toilet seat and deodorizing technology. These features in combination with an overall quieter toilet will be a major selling point for many homeowners, particular those with en-suite bathrooms or small spaces where noise travels fast. “Consumers in the U.S. have started to favor toilets that are antimicrobial, easy to clean and quiet,” Toto USA President Shinya Tamura tells Nikkei.

In addition to quieter toilets, Toto announced that they have reached an agreement with manufacturing giant Georgia-Pacific on joint marketing initiatives to current customers, including sharing customer lists and marketing Georgia-Pacific’s products together with its own. They have also co-developed smart maintenance services that use sensors to detect when toilet paper is running low, the cleanliness of a washroom and overall water usage, then conveying this information back to the cleaning staff or building management. This product will be warmly received by building owners looking to be more efficient with water usage while ensuring office washrooms are not dirty for too long. Many office tenants and its employees will surely appreciate these new smart maintenance features as well.

Sara Ito

Sara Ito

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